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This applies equally to plant powders, ed pills online, along with substances capable of forming sticky and viscous solutions (pectins, mucus), they contain many insoluble and non-swelling particles (starch, particles of various tissues), which are typical plasticizers. The choice of excipients for obtaining a good pill mass depends on the properties of the administered medicinal substances and their amounts. Let us explain this with a few examples.


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1. Medicinal substances are insoluble or very slightly soluble in water or other solvent. Two options are possible here: a) medicinal substances are prescribed in very small quantities (for example, substances of list A).


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If these substances are mixed with a viscous liquid (for example, with a thick extract of licorice root), then due to the small amount of solid phase, the forming mass will not work. To such a mass, it is imperative to add the optimal amount of powdery insoluble substances in order to give it the necessary plastic properties.


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Such substances can be vegetable powders (in the case of extracts), starch, flour; b) medicinal substances are prescribed in significant quantities. In this case, it is usually sufficient to add an optimal amount of a viscous adhesive liquid to obtain a plastic pellet mass. The more pronounced the hydrophobicity of the solid phase, the greater the sticking ability of a viscous liquid.


2. Medicinal substances are soluble in water, ethanol, glycerine. In this case, it is important to dissolve them in a minimum amount of water (ethanol, glycerin). Next, the resulting solution is mixed with a viscous liquid, which is then compacted by adding solids to a plastic state. In the event that a significant amount of an aqueous phase has to be introduced to dissolve medicinal substances, swellable hydrophilic substances are added to obtain a high-viscosity mass, which is then made plastic using swellable solids.